As leader in our industry we are dedicated to constantly innovating the business, keeping ahead of competition and being relevant to our clients and their business.

We develop outstanding products, services and features, but what we really do is; producing empowerment to our clients. Empowerment, however, is nothing if it doesn’t improve our client’s life or optimize their work and business.

Our background and future

Back in 2002, before everyone was talking about the cloud, the idea emerged of an internet based system that could make advertising faster and cheaper. It soon became obvious that the real estate business needed such a tool the most.

It was a completely new marketing tool, based on out of the box thinking - and it revolutionized the industry, saving clients improbable much time and costs.

Claus Mathorne - Founder and CEO, established Mindworking that same year - based on the marketing textbook objectives: Focus solely on one industry - enabling you to become a market leader.

The first client was Nybolig in Denmark, and the business case showed giant savings - tens of millions in costs and time.

From there Mindworking grew steadily - still focusing on gaining relevant insight and developing new unique tools for the industry.

The real estate business suffered tremendously during the financial crisis, but Mindworking kept its focus and growth, as the Mindworking-marketing-system continuously proved itself cost-efficient. Now saving time and costs for an industry, with much fewer employees, to do the same work.

10 years after the launch of Mindworking, the company expanded the platform not only as a marketing system, but as a complete real estate software platform with all the tools a realtor needs to run his business. During the past year, the software has been completely rewritten, using the newest technology and is now 100% web and app based.

Furthermore, Mindworking has expanded geographically to the other Nordic countries, and is now servicing real estate clients in more than 6 different markets including the UK.

The outstanding 95% market share in Denmark has not made us work blinkered, on the contrary - the exact opposite. With +50 employees, many have been part of the journey from the beginning, we have accumulated strength to develop continuously and to benchmark, selecting new ideas and best practice from our markets. This enables us to constantly improve our output to the benefit of our clients.

Many people believe that the real estate industry will face a disruption soon. The largest single disruption coming to real estate will definitely be AI that can replace a realtor. The funds and the desire are there, it's just a matter of the technology catching up. The Uber of the real estate industry is on route.

At Mindworking we believe that the interaction between the realtor and AI is much more powerful than replacing him. We use machine learning and AI to support the realtor with: what is the right price of this property - or who is most likely going to sell soon - or what is the right marketing channel mix for this campaign. In other words, we develop powerful tools that helps the industry fight against the disruption by creating it itself.

Keep an awakened eye on us… this might be your best investment ever!




Focussing on the real estate business solely, we closely monitor and detect new trends, opportunities and needs and focusing our resources on innovation and simplification of your tools enabling you to focus on what is important for you.


With more than 15 years experience developing more than 20 tailormade tools, services and products for the industry, we prove everyday that we constantly innovate the business. We are dedicated to relevante innovation - enabling our clients to be their best - this is our promise to our customers.

Our Mindset

Our logo represents our 6 values. We call it our MINDSET. It describes how we think, behave and work to enable our clients to optimize their performance.