Mindworking is not an upgrade of your present systems - it is a game changing unique system that covers your needs for optimizing performance. Enabling you to manage your business with tailormade tools from marketing and sales to administration.

A complete integrated solution

We offer a seamlessly integrated solution to empower you and your business. Whether you are the agent, marketing manager or the chain manager, the Mindworking system provides a toolbox which will improve your workflow and empower your business.

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    The marketing system

    This is where it all started, making it easier for you to handle and build your advertising. Today the system has been expanded significantly, with new unique tools that both optimize quality and save time.

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    The CRM system

    Contains a large amount of tools for gaining and retaining customers, as well as our specially developed CRM Tool tailormade to real estate companies

  • The marketing system

    Marketing made easy

    Social Media, digital and printed materials

    Through the Mindworking Marketing Platform it is easy to produce any kind of agent branded property material for print. Once we have your templates all set up, you can publish all property material with just a single click.

    The rapidly changing digital demands are meet with speedily generated digital banners, in store tv, websites and Social Media posts, and through the Mindworking Social Friends tool the viral based traffic on properties is increased.

  • The marketing system   +   The CRM system

    Customize your customer management and speed up your workflow.

    Experience how easy to operate, how accurate to focus and how simple it will be for you to improve your customer relations.

Contact us to empower your business

Contact our salesforce to see how Mindworking can help you optimize your workflow and empower your business.

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